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Electric heating company Ayrshire

“Very helpful company from start to finish. Everyone very pleasant.”
Verified Checkatrade Feedback 10/10, Ayrshire Homeowner

Old storage heater taken out and two new radiators installed.

Electric Heaters Scotland have electric heating installers who live in the Ayrshire area, which allows us to comfortably served Ayrshire and the west coast of Scotland. Our company aims to provide the very latest in electric heating technology supplying and fitting the finest quality German engineered electric heaters, storage heaters, boilers and electric central heating systems.

Electric heating has evolved a great deal in the last 10 years which we will explain in further detail throughout this blog. We can offer you the best electric heating options in the UK marketplace today with a local presence that many other online electric heating companies will struggle to match. We like to think of ourselves as the perfect blend between the hiked up prices of British gas and the often lacking white van man! 

If you have completed some research online looking for local electric heating companies you will soon realise there is a lack of local presence and there are many unrealistic prices for electric heaters that do not include supplying and fitting electric heaters and providing the required warranty and aftercare that are essential when making an investment like this. 


The electric heaters we supply and fit come with a manufacturers warranty of up to 30 years. The warranty ranges from a minimum of 10 years which should indicate the quality of the product you can expect. 

Along with the long term warranty, high efficiency and Eco-friendly aspect of electric heating many people favour it due to the modern designs and WiFi control options. We must highlight although it may sound complicated the WiFi controlled electric heating is incredibly easy to use with the equivalent of a simple on and off switch doing the majority of the work. 

Again a lot of the information and price you will find online do not include installation, all of our packages including full installation completed by our team of approved installers who have a local presence in the Ayrshire area. Our local presence keeps the costs down and provides you with a quick turnaround should you agree to have heating installed by ourselves.

To arrange an electric heating survey free of charge with no obligations give us a call today or quickly fill in your basic details on our website form and someone from our team shall contact you within 24 hours. 

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“Both installers were polite and efficient, and I look forward to benefiting from the system.”
Verified Checkatrade Feedback 10/10, Ayrshire Homeowner

Electric Heaters Installed

Electric Heaters Ayrshire

The electric heaters we supply and fit the finest available in the electric heating industry today and manufactured by leading German manufacturers of electric heaters and radiators. They offer your home the finest in German heating with optimum speed and efficiency. There is a large selection of different heaters available for you to choose from. Many customers prefer the slick  slimline wall mounted electric radiators with the opting for the traditional heaters, you can decide yourself after looking through our product catalogues. When we visit your home to complete your heating survey you will have the chance to look through different make and models in order to confirm the final cost of your package and provide you with an accurate quotation to consider.

Electric Boilers Ayrshire

Electric central heating systems and wet electric combi boilers and electric heating systems are some of the very best and energy efficient hot water heating systems available today across all types of fuels. Wet electric heating systems make sure there are no wasted fuel, emission and crucially no inflated electric bills. Many of the customers who contact us about electric central heating and boilers have old storage heaters and large hot water tanks that still carry expensive costs once accurately associated with electric heating.

Electric radiators Ayrshire

If you decide to buy electric radiators from Electric Heaters Scotland you will have a choice of various modern models including wall mounted electric radiators, slimline, vertical, WiFi controlled and the most standard contemporary models. This one of the main attractions with electric heating in general, the slick modern designs that can create so much more space and work as an enhancement of any interior design or renovations you are completing in your Ayrshire home. Most properties in Ayrshire will need several electric radiators which we will reward with ongoing incentives and offers. Each month we create new deals and promotions to reward customers who need more electric radiators, we are currently running the following two promotions until the 31st of December 2019.

Replace old storage heaters in Ayrshire

Electric storage heaters… the majority of our time is spent replacing them and explaining the benefits of the many developments made in the electric heating industry in the last decade since or so since they where such a popular option for heating peoples homes. There are many misconceptions about electric storage heaters and electric heating in general working off the cheaper economy 7 off-peak tariff overnight. This was once true and in some cases if new modern storage heaters are installed it still is. However, more often than not electric heaters and electric central heating is a far more cost efficient and practical heating heating option for today’s household.

Modern electric heaters and radiators are far better option than storage heaters of any age unless in some particular circumstances such as holiday homes or other shorter term less with less frequent usage.

Overtime electric storage heaters only get worse and less efficient than they once were. People often report other flaws in the product including the clunky designs and the build up of dust which often cause issues for people with asthma. 

Replacing your storage heaters with modern electric heating should result in an instant impact on efficiency with benefit of lower heating bills and improved functionality immediate evident once you have have them replaced.

Best electric heaters in Ayrshire

Electric Heaters Scotland’s radiators and heaters or as many people in the Ayrshire area tend to describe them as “electric radiators” can be installed on the wall of your property or neatly placed in small spaces creating more space. This is another huge benefit to electric heaters, they create amazing space which allows you to make the most of your home. 

There is also the option of smart heating and WiFi controls which offers you fantastic benefits such as automatically switching off if a window is opened as this implies the temperature is too high and of course it’s counterproductive to have the heating on at this time.

Electric Heaters Scotland have some of the best electric heaters available in Ayrshire and Scotland with approved installers ready to complete installation in your home often at short notice. 

Up to 30-year guarantee on all electric heating

Any electric heating company or electric heating product worth it’s salt should carry a longer term manufacturers warranty or guarantee. The products that we supply and fit come with a minimum of a 10 year warranty ranging up to 30 years depending on which make and model you decide to have installed. Given we are approved installers for all of the products that we supply and fit should you have any issues or concerns during your warranty period we will be on hand to help make sure it is dealt with swiftly. 

WiFi electric heating Ayrshire

Electric heating has a range of different controls available for you to us including WiFi and radio thermostat options. The one factor we are eager to point out is how easy to use the controls are which are happy to demonstrate during your heating survey. For some people generally from the older generation, the thought of WiFi controls and other gimmicks can still be off-putting regardless of how easy they are to use. For anyone who has this concern we have traditional control options available for you, we just want to offer you an electric heating system ideally suited for you and household.

Electric heating engineer Ayrshire

Our team of approved installers is made up of a team of experienced fitters who have faced most if not all installation obstacles and have now been employed by ourselves for several years with knowledge outwith that period installing electric central heating across Ayrshire and Scotland. For wet electric systems, we always ensure there is a Gas Safe plumber onsite to assist the installer were required. Given we are part of the Pure Eco Solutions Ltd group we have an abundance of experienced electric heating engineer’s with all the necessary accreditation’s including our proud membership and high rating on Checkatrade, where reputation matters.

Painting & Decorating

We have launched a new sister company to Electric Heaters Scotland, called The Painting and Decorating Company Scotland which will focus on domestic decorating. If whilst we are in fitting your new heating or hot water system, if you want any decorating work completed we can complete both works at a competitive rate and do so at the same time.

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Electric Heating in Ayrshire

We are ready and able to install and replace electric central heating including radiators, boilers and storage heaters in Alloway, Annbank, Ardrossan, Arran, Ayr, Ayrshire, Ballantrae, Barr, Barrhill, Beith, Benslie, Blackwaterfoot, Bourtreehill, Brodick, Cladach, Colmonell, Coodham, Coylton, Crosshill, Cunninghamhead, Dailly, Dalry, Dreghorn, Dundonald, Dunure, East Ayrshire, Eglinton Country Park, Eglinton Tournament Bridge, Fairlie, Fergushill, Garrier Burn, Girdle Toll, Girvan, Glengarnock, Great Cumbrae, Irvine, Kilbirnie, Kilmarnock, Kilwinning, Lambroughton, Lamlash, Largs, Lendalfoot, Little Cumbrae, Loans, Maidens, Maybole, Millport, Monkton, Mossblown, Monkton, North Ayrshire, Old Dailly, Perceton, Pinmore, Pinwherry, Portencross, Prestwick, Saltcoats, Seamill, Skelmorlie, South Ayrshire, Springside, Stevenston, Straiton, Symington, Tarbolton, Troon, Turnberry West Kilbride, West Kilbride, Whiting Bay and all surrounding areas of Ayrshire.

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