Electric Towel Rails

Electric ladder style towel rails

Electric towel rails

Electric Heaters Scotland are a leader, delivering top of the range heating systems across the central belt of Scotland. We believe in only selling the very best products available that is why we only have two ranges of electric smart heaters, British & German and we only sell one type of towel rail. If you are looking for a ladder style towel rail there are many cheap options on the internet but many of them are only for keeping towels warm on the radiator but have little to no utility in terms of being used as heaters to regulate the temperature of the room they are in. Our heaters look fantastic, will keep your towels warm but also can very accurately heat your bathroom to your desired heat. Our electric towel rails are easy to program, they can be set 24-7 to come on when you would like, they also have comfort and economy presets so you use them without fear of your energy bill running away from you.

Why buy one of our electric towel rails

  • 7-day 24 hour programming
  • Digital thermostat controls
  • Stylish design available in white or chrome
  • 2-year guarantee
  • 100% energy efficient
  • No maintenance