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We will remove and recycle your old electric storage heaters and replace with modern alternatives from our range of electric heating products.

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Installation of Electric Heaters to replace night storage heaters and also immersion heater element replaced

Electric Storage Heater Replacement Glasgow

Without a doubt, storage heaters were one among the best ways to heat your homes in the post World War Two era. They are particularly popular in remote areas of Scotland and in built-up  towns and cities like Glasgow which has lots of old fashioned Victorian and council house properties. However, in 2019, storage heaters fall short in many regards when compared to modern alternatives. On this page we aim to discuss what all perks of storage heating are alternatives are available to replace your old electric storage heaters.
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Storage heater replacement Glasgow

With time, advancements in technology have made bounds of improvement in heating systems. The same applies to electric heating equipment. Nowadays, you can find a varied set of options when searching for reliable electric heating option with the introduction of modern electric heaters and radiators.

Electric radiators or electric heaters  as they are more commonly known as in Glasgow and Scotland, heat up the room much differently than a storage heater. Storage heaters heat up during the night time when energy costs are low and release the stored heat in the day time. Even though this practice works in theory, the heat radiation from the storage heater cannot be controlled efficiently.

Replacement storage heaters such as electric radiators are far more efficient than storage heaters and even beats gas central heating systems. The ease of installation, digital and WiFi controls, and their compact form factor makes them the go-to option for modern Scottish homes.

Electric Storage Heater Removal

The bulky nature of the storage heater makes the job of removing the heater cumbersome. The old design ones are the hardest to remove. In essence, electric storage heater removal is not a DIY job that you would want to undertake.

Electric storage heaters are hardwired into the wall. Hence, it is not about unplugging a few wires, but removing the whole assembly. In the process, you will find that the storage heater is connected to the two tariff meter, which is the main contributing factor to the complicated removal job.

The best course of action you can take here is to hire a professional to do the job for you. They are trained in heater installation and removal processes. We can help you through the whole ordeal.

A single heater removal will take about 1 – 2 hours at max. Again, we would like to emphasize that doing the removal process alone is quite risky. For one, storage heaters are very heavy and can range from 80 lbs. to 800 lbs. and secondly, you will be handling high power circuits. This is why hiring a professional is much more safer option.

Pro’s and Con’s of Storage Heating

Time To Replace?

Storage heaters can be expensive when not used 100% correctly, and even then can take up a lot of headspace to operate and are often inefficient, bulky and unattractive.
Storage heaters had plenty of advantages in the 1950s, but in 2019, they have more disadvantages than you want to see in a household appliance. Let’s go through some of the pros and cons of the Storage heaters.

Pros of Storage Heating

  • Storage heaters work on cheap off-peak electricity
  • They can keep your home heated at night
  • No fossil fuel is used to run the heater

Cons of Storage Heating

  • Very low energy efficiency
  • Heat loss is experienced even when the baffle is closed
  • No or lack of proper control over the heat radiation
  • Ineffective when there is a sudden drop in temperature
  • There is no option to raise the temperature on the go
  • On cold days, the heater can run out of charge early
  • May cause stains on walls
  • When the storage heaters run out of charge, they use expensive day time electricity

When you weigh the pros and cons of storage heaters, it becomes apparent how it finds out of place with the modern requirements of a home in 2019. If you are still using a storage heater, it is high time that you look for alternatives.

Night storage heater alternatives

Nowadays you can find many alternatives to electric storage heaters. They have improved heating capabilities and are much more power-efficient. The following are of the best in the business.

Plenty Of Choice

You are not short of choice for superior modern electric heating systems, all of which we can supply & fit for you.

Wet electric central heating

Wet electric central heating works like gas central heating by circulating hot water through pipes under the floor and in the walls to your radiators and produce heat. Wet electric central heating is far more efficient than storage heaters, however it comes with more components like an electric boiler making the installation complicated. Since water can retain heat much longer than air, they are a good fit for homes in Glasgow and Scotland that have enough space and the correct walls and flooring to support the installation.

Modern Electric radiators

Modern electric radiators are designed to suit the requirements of a modern home. In other words, Electric radiators are sleek, stylish, effective and efficient – four qualities that elude storage heaters. They are the go-to options for anyone who needs a reliable heating system in their homes.

Electric fan and convector heaters

Electric fan heaters use fans to blow air through heated wires, circulating hot air throughout the space. Fan heaters are a great fit for rooms which needs rapid heating. Fan heaters come with a built-in thermostat that switches the heater off once the required temperature is achieved within the room. They are largely portable in nature.

In summary, there are several far superior modern alternatives to electric storage heaters which are more efficient, easier to use and look and perform much to a far higher standard.

Modern electric heater benefits vs storage heaters

Modern Electric heaters are far more technologically advanced than conventional heating systems like electric storage heating. Electric radiators work by heating thin wires which then heats up the cold air. Electric radiators are fast in their operation as heating thing metal wires doesn’t take too much time. The temperatures are controlled by an internal thermostat. And such a mechanism brings in many advantages. Let’s review the most noteworthy ones!

On-Demand Heat:

With electric radiators, you can switch on the heat at any time you want and get the warmth with minimal or no downtime. Such a system is not possible with storage heaters where temperature adjustment is not possible on the go. Hence, there is no need to keep your eye glued to the weather forecast to set tomorrow’s heat output.


Electric radiators are not bulky nor do they weigh mountains. This gives the user flexibility in terms of mount and movement. They are a perfect fit for modern and well as traditional homes.

Full Control:

Electric heaters gives control back to the user. In other words, you can set almost every aspect of the electric radiator manually. The most modern ones even come with WiFi support do that you can control the heating through an app. They can even set the temperatures within 0.5 of a degree.

ECO Efficient:

Electric heaters use materials that are energy efficiency. The attention towards developing a better heater is evident from the coils that they use to the electronics which comes with an energy management system. The result is a heater that can quickly reach high temperatures and cut-off when the set temperature is reached. Couple these to the low overhead cost of buying a new electric radiator, you have a system that is not just energy efficient but safe on the wallet too!

Quick, Easy & Hassle-Free Installation

Although Installing an electric heater or radiator is a fairly straight forward task for any electrician and one that you can even do on your own, DONT! Modern electric heaters and radiators come with substantial long-term warranties which you will likely loose out on if you install yourself or have someone install it who is not approved and qualified

We do recommend hiring a professional company like ourselves to supply and fit all of your new electric heating to ensure it’s done correctly and all manufacturer warranties apply.

German & British Electric Radiaotrs

We supply and fit the highest quality German and British electric radiators that come with all the modern features and long-term warranties.

Changing Electric Tariffs from White Meter Heating & Economy 7

When you install an electric radiator, you can change from the current economy 7 and white meter to standard tariff. The process is simple and the proper support will be provided by your supplier. Modern meters allow the transition to be done remotely. Older meters will be replaced by a visit by your supplier. After you have switched to the standard tariff, you can use any electric heater with cost savings.

There are many competitive tariffs available today, choose the one that best suits your requirements.

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