Storage Heater Replacement

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Storage Heater Replacement


If you are looking into replacing storage heaters it suggests your heating hasn’t been changed for a long time and having had storage heaters for so long you may not be aware of why they are a problem, or what better products may be available. Below we will look at why they aren’t good for the majority of people and what might be better suited to your needs.

Storage heaters first became popular in the 1950s, they were developed to try and offer an affordable alternative to people who lived in areas that didn’t have access to mains gas supply. The idea behind them was clever and they were a good idea at the time, however, time has moved on and there are much better options to how to heat your home. Storage heaters work using an economy 7 or 2 rate meter where there is two rates, a more expensive one for the day and a cheaper one for the night. The heaters would be switched on during the night when the electricity is less expensive and charge heat into ceramic bricks which would then distribute the heat during the day.

In principle this idea makes sense, however for many people who have full-time jobs etc, they would be heating their homes during the day when nobody is home, and often at night the stored heat would run out and you would be forced to either be cold or use your heaters at the more expensive rate that would lead to you overpaying. Having storage heaters also forces you to have an economy 7 tariff which less and less companies support, giving you fewer choices of suppliers or to get a good rate.

Why are they a problem?

  • They are big, ugly and usually unpleasant shades of grey or brown
  • Hard to control
  • They are very inefficient and can lead to massive bills
  • They release foul-smelling exhaust fumes
  • Bad for asthma sufferers
  • Once they run out of stored heat, they are expensive to use
  • Most people won’t be in during the day so the heat is wasted
  • Very limited selection of energy tariffs left on the market

Storage Heater FAQ’S

Is Economy 7 a good tariff?
The idea behind the economy 7 tariff was quite a good idea in principle however it doesn’t suit the way many working people live or consume energy. The majority of people will be out during the day, so the idea of heating a home where it might not be getting used doesn’t make sense. The economy 7 tariff also requires you to charge your heaters overnight, unless you are in the heart of winter where you need your heating most days, it is hard to know if you will require your heating the next day, especially in Scotland where it can even be cold enough for heating most months of the year, and if you use your heaters during the day time period you are charged over the odds for using the electricity.
What is the smell?
Old storage heaters are filled with bricks and can often release a bad smell when being heated. Dust can also get inside your heaters and when heated by the element also create a bad smell that people often complain about.
What happens if the stored heat runs out?
This is an important point to think about, if you have old storage heaters, you will probably have encountered this scenario, eventually, they will run out of stored heat this will vary in time from home to home depending on a number of factors, what type of property, how well is it insulated etc. Once the stored heat runs out you will be faced out with the choice,  go without heating and put on more clothes or get a blanket, or you continue to use your heating at a much higher rate that will inflate your energy bills. This has always been a problem but especially now with the massively rising costs of energy this is becoming more problematic needs to be addressed.
Are storage heaters easy to control?
Storage heaters are notoriously hard to control, to begin with, you need to think the day before whether you will want to use them the following day. Apart from that unlike modern heaters where you can choose periods of time to come on and off that suits you, storage heaters are simply on until the stored heat runs out.
Do storage heaters hold heat well?
Old storage heaters are very bad in terms of efficiency, even modern storage heaters aren’t great they are only required to be 38.5% efficient, whereas the modern smart heaters we sell are 100% energy efficient in terms of converting energy to heat.

What would you suggest?

Hopefully, by now you realise if you have storage heaters they need to be replaced as soon as possible. Electric Heaters Scotland are one of Scotland’s biggest providers of electric heating and hot water systems, we replace hundreds of storage heaters and old electric heating systems every single week. It is our mission to replace as many old inefficient systems as possible with modern cost-saving alternatives.  We try to keep our offering as simple as possible, that is why we only sell three ranges of electric smart heater. Our heaters are quite similar in terms of spec but there are some subtle differences  (mainly the length of guarantee). The electric smart heaters we sell are 100% energy efficient and are very easy to use either manually using the controls or can be controlled via an easy to use app. The models we sell are, British which has a 5-year guarantee, a second British option that has a 10 year guarantee and our German manufactured radiator which comes with a 30-year guarantee which is the longest on the market.

Why you will love them at a glance

British 5 Year Guarantee Radiator

5-Year guarantee
100% energy efficient
24-7 easy programming
9 Presets to make programming easier
Wi-fi & Alexa compatible
Open window sensing (will cut off if open window detected)
Ceramic heat core
No maintenance
Digital control on every heater
Available in 4 sizes 750-2000W

British 10 Year Guarantee Radiator

10-Year Guarantee
24-7 Easy programming
IP44 Ingress protection
Zinc casing/powder-coated (will never rust or need to be painted)
Touchscreen central control
No maintenance or servicing
Energy management chip (ensures maximum ef
Available 250-2000W

German 30 Year Guarantee Radiator

30-Year guarantee
100% energy efficient
24-7 easy programming
programmable within 0.01ᵒC
fireclay core
Wi-fi compatible
No maintenance
Zinc casing/powder-coated (will never rust or need to be painted)
Digital thermostat on every heater
Available from 650-2000W

British 5 Year Guarantee

Our British built electric smart heaters make for a perfect storage heater replacement, they solve all the issues that would cause you to dislike storage heaters. They are incredibly efficient in terms of energy consumption, Each radiator comes with its own digital thermostat where you can pick a preset for timings, programme it manually or even control from an app the choice is yours and it couldn’t be easier. They come as standard in white designed to look modern and sleek however we can supply any colour (custom colours are charged at an additional rate per radiator and would have 6-8 weeks lead time). Our British radiators are guaranteed for 5 years. We can even supply your new electric heating system with nothing to pay for 6 months. To find out more about our British radiators click here

British 10 Year Guarantee

Our 10-year guaranteed British radiators are an excellent choice to upgrade your heating system, they have a happy medium of price and length of the guarantee. These heaters are jam-packed full of the latest energy-saving features to help cut your energy bills. Each radiator has its own digital thermostat and can be controlled independently from the rest and can be set up to come on 24-7

German 30 Year Guarantee

Our German electric radiators are our premium offering, they are also a fantastic storage heater replacement option. These radiators also come with easy controls and app compatibility, in terms of spec they are very similar to the British models however they come with a 30-year manufacturer-backed guarantee so are far better suited to people who are settled in their home so they know they will get the benefit of the guarantee. They come zinc galvanised and powder coated which means they won’t ever rust or require painting. To find out more about our German radiators click here

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