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“Very happy with the company and help from Barry I received in choosing my new heating system and water cylinder. The job was completed within a day and I was also fitted in quickly due to the urgency of needing this work done when I moved to a new flat that needs everything upgraded, which I greatly appreciated. The Electricians and plumbers were experienced, friendly and helpful. I experienced a small problem afterwards and Barry and David did their upmost to assist and get the issue sorted out for me. I am very happy with my new easy to use efficient radiators and hot water supply.”
New electric central heating system fitted, August 2019

9/5 Verified Checkatrade Feedback, Scottish Homeowner

Electric central heating & boiler installers in Glasgow serving Scotland

For a long time now, people in Scotland have known little to nothing about the option of using electric central heating to heat their home. Hopefully this page of our website can shed some light on this topic which is often over complicated by some electric central heating installers, with some even exploiting the lack of knowledge. Simply put, wet electric central heating works like gas central heating, with hot water being transferred through pipes in your home to radiators. narrative, there needs an alternative. Electric heating has become a more popular source of power for heating homes; the modern equipment avialable such as electric thermaflow combi boilers heat water and transfer it to the radiator circuit. If you have a small property in Glasgow such as a flat, it’s possible that electricity as a better option for your central heating system. As long as you have modern efficient equipment installed it can be a cost-effective way to heat your home.

“The guys installing my new heater (unfortunately forgotten their names!) were very professional and personable. They removed my old electric heaters and installed a new one in super quick time, leaving no mess. The electrician done me a wee favour and also replaced a broken bulb holder for me. Very pleased with the installation and my new heating. Top job on service and quality and would use again in future and recommend to friends and family.”
New electrical central heating installed, September 2019

10/10 Verified Checkatrade Feedback Form, Glasgow Homeowner

How electric central heating works

Wet electric central heating is a home heating system that uses a system of radiators and pipes, which are powered by an electric boiler. The most effective analogy that we use to explain wet electric central heating is that they are the same as conventional gas central heating systems, however they use an electric boiler instead of a gas combi one. Another crucial comparison that we draw to gas central heating, is the standard of the installation. All heating equipment is only as good as the installation, and just like with gas boilers, even the most premium equipment will only perform to full capacity if installed correctly. Therefore hiring a reliable approved installer is vital, make sure you select a company like ourselves with a strong reputation and all of the professional accreditations and qualifications required to do the job correctly.

How electric boilers work

To use an electric boiler you need to install standard central heating radiators and pipework, water is heated and then transferred to the central heating system and radiators through the pipes. While other power sources like oil, gas or wood heaters heat the water indirectly, electric boilers heat directly. There is a high powered element in the heating chamber that heats the water flowing through the chamber and to the radiators. Boilers are small and slim in size so that they can fit into some small space like in the cupboard. They do not require a flue because no exhaust gases emitted and thus less heat is lost. Manufacturers posit that Electric heaters efficiency is about 99% which makes it the most reliable heating system.

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“Great standard of work. Efficient, tidy and extremely professional. I now have hot water in an instant and the pressure is greatly improved. It’s like night and day. Absolutely fantastic.”
Remove old water cylinder and replace with new cylinder, August 2019

Verified Checkatrade Feedback 10/10, Glasgow Homeowner

Benefits of wet electric central heating

Energy efficiency

The inherent modular in an electric central heating system makes this system the most energy-efficient. Other central heating systems that involve heating water at a central boiler and then pushed through the pipes experience a lot of heat loss through the pipes and it takes longer for the heat to be distributed throughout the home. With the electric central, no heat loss and the heating are instantly making it such an efficient way.

Cheap to install and maintain

Imagine how costly the piping system can be, especially when you have a big house. The plumbing, the cost of boilers, repairs, and replacements can go very high. Conventional gas and wood heating are very expensive to install and maintain. You will require regular maintenance and the annual cost of getting the boiler serviced. Again, with lots of water running throughout the house, if anything happens like a pipe burst, it can be messy. Electric central heating is cheap to install, easy to maintain and not messy. Most importantly, all the electric central products are suited for DIY installation and this cuts costs in a big way. No boiler involved or internal combustion and therefore no risk of dangerous emissions like the carbon monoxide. Again, there is no water running through the pipes and therefore no issues of leaks and you’ll need not bleed the radiator anytime again.

Easily controlled 

A thermostat is used to limit traditional heating systems in a central point. The switching on and off of the system depends on the central location temperature reading. One room’s temperature should be representative of the rest and if this is not the case, you could have some rooms that are too cold or hot and thus there’s lots of wastage. With an opportunity to control the heaters individually, you can easily fine-tune your heating. If you are in our home with a few rooms that are not in use, you can switch off the heating system toward such rooms. This reduces your power consumption. You have a lot more control over your heating system with electric central heating than any other. Electric heating is great for the environment The traditional heating systems are powered by combustible fuels and these emit dangerous gases like carbon monoxide which are released due to faulty gas heaters. The electric central heating system doesn’t have these- no issues of leakages and harmful emissions and therefore a safer alternative. Why invest so much in heating systems that are risky to you and your loved ones when you can opt for a cheaper, efficient, safer and less costly system?

No noise – literally zero!

Imagine those winter mornings that you have been woken up by gas radiators as they kick into gear. The churning and banging of water when it starts to heat up. On the other hand, the electric central heating system doesn’t make a noise at all. There’s no background noise, no clunking, of thumping through the pipes and therefore you can enjoy your sleep.

Reduced cost

There is a lot of costs involved in traditional gas/oil heating. You may think that the cost of electricity is higher by comparing the cost of the unit but you will need to spend so much gas to heat the boiler and supply heat throughout the house. With electric central heating, you only need to subscribe to Economy 7 and you’ve had your bills checked. There is a lot of baggage that comes with the traditional central heating systems- the gas/oil or wood fuel-powered boilers, with electricity, you don’t have to be worried about such.

“Pure eco solutions were great, they replaced my old faulty boiler quickly and even managed to bring my appointment forward because I had no heating or hot water. They were very tidy and took great care even though the old boiler was difficult and timely to remove. Their price was competitive and they arranged their visits at times that suited me. It was very hassle free for someone who has not had to go through this process before”
Verified Checkatrade Feedback 9.75/10, Edinburgh Homeowner

New electric boiler fitted, November 2018

Electric central heating options in Glasgow & Scotland

Things to note about electric central heating and electric boilers

The main issue with electric boilers is not the boiler but the power requirement for them to operate. With this knowledge, you low whether to go for a single-phase or three-phase. A single-phase is smaller and installing this means that your power requirement is not so high. For instance, when you need to power a typical home, a single-phase is enough for you but for a flat and other high demanding structures, three-phase I what you need. The electric heating central boiler is used together with a domestic water cylinder and you can use the water for showering, you can use electric central heating as either backup or top up the water heater.

What to look for in an electric central heating installer


With so many central heating companies in the market today, it may be an uphill task to determine the one that perfectly fits your demands. That is why you need to get as many as you can and find out which one has been in the business for long. Dealing with an experienced company ensures that you get the best services.

Ongoing maintenance and customer care

Before you engage a heating company, it is prudent you compare as many price quotations as possible. From the long list, get one that will charge you reasonably while offering the best services. Will the company offer maintenance services and how much do they charge. The electric central heating system has become popular in the recent past. Many homeowners view it as the most efficient and cost-effective way of heating your room. With this, you can rest assured that you’ll have such a system for a long time with minimal repairs and replacement.


Long term warranties with paperwork

WiFi controlled electric central heating Glasgow & Scotland 

Just like our WiFi electric heaters, wet electric central heating systems and electric boilers have a WiFi gateway control option. These wireless control panels are available in a number of different modern designs, with the additional option to manage your heating from your smartphone or device. This is another great reason to choose an electric central heating system to heat your Scottish home, the WiFi control’s are extremely user-friendly with many of our customers in their more senior years being able to use them without any hassle. Just like the controls options available on our modern electric radiators, there are more traditional options available for electric central heating systems.

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    New Electric Boiler Fitted.

    “Very polite and tidy workman job done in very quick time and full instructions of new system gone through before engineer left. I Have every confidence in the new system since it was clearly explained.”

    9.75/10 Checkatrade Feedback Form, Edinburgh Customer


    Remove old cylinder and replace with new cylinder

    “Great standard of work. Efficient, tidy and extremely professional. I now have hot water in an instant and the pressure is greatly improved. It’s like night and day. Absolutely fantastic.”

    10/10 Checkatrade Feedback Form, Glasgow Customer


    New radiators fitted, new water heater fitted.

    “Really a nice team of workers, nothing was to much trouble, would highly recommend.”

    10/10 Checkatrade Feedback From, Fife Customer

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